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Class of 2020 Celebrates 100 Days To Graduation Online

The BHS staff and administrators were determined that the traditional 100 Days to Graduation ceremony for seniors would be honored for the Class of 2020, despite the school closure. The only way to do it while still following the safe guidelines that have been established for coping with COVID-19 was online.

After getting the word out yesterday, Mr. Kesler, Mr. Korzelius, and Dr. Corey “met” the seniors in the video conferencing app Google Meet this morning, where all students had the capability to see the three administrators as well as their friends onscreen, post comments, and watch as Mr. Kesler announced gift cards, Dr. Corey drew names of lucky seniors, and Mr. Korzelius kept track of the prizewinners on a board in the BHS conference room. Each prizewinner, as announced, was also invited to temporarily unmute their log-in so they could bask in “their moment” while classmates and other staff who had logged in could offer congratulations - and offers to help them spend the card! Seniors had also been invited to compete by creating the best meme and emailing it to Mr. Kesler. After an intense off-screen discussion between Mr. Kesler and Mr. Korzelius, Brock Every was chosen as the winner for his “wanted” poster.

There were over 50 gift cards in the give-away, and all prizewinners were able to drive through the BHS loop to pick up theirs, or have them mailed.

Mr. Kesler assured the students that this 100 Day event was not intended to replace a “live” celebration, and that, once school resumes, an additional ceremony, breakfast, and prize give-away will be planned.

Dr. Corey draws a name while Mr. Korzelius and Mr. Kesler look on. Mr. Korzelius, Mr. Kesler and Dr. Corey onscreen while students post comments.

Mr. Korzelius, at table with the laptop, looks at the "wanted" meme on the big screen. The three administrators getting ready to sign off, with a table full of giftcards, tagged with the name of winner.