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Building Fiction Step by Step

Students in Krista Knapp’s and Sarah Gahagan's reading classes worked extremely hard writing fictional narratives. During each class period, a new element was introduced and the sixth graders were given class time to focus on this feature within their writing. Dialogue, sensory details, and word choice were just a few of the special components they addressed for strong writing.

When the narratives were complete, the students were taught the essentials of being an editor. Working in pairs to review the work of students in the other class, they provided positive feedback and noted areas where there was room for improvement. The editors were extremely reflective while doing this job and knew exactly what to look for and how to ask questions when more information was needed to make the writing piece exciting and easy to comprehend. Reviewing someone else’s work also allowed students to see others’ perspectives, see how others developed their thoughts, and see how classmates were utilizing the skills being taught.

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 Two sixth grade girls at desks are editing a student's essay.