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Kindergarteners Bundle Up and Go Outside to Play!

Kindergarten teacher Tiffanie Amerine arranged her students’ weekly schedule to include a block of time that can be used to catch up, provide extra support, or for enrichment activities related to their learning. Now that it's cold outside, she decided that the most important thing she could do for her students was to get them outside to play!
“There is astounding amount of research about how very important it is to have kids playing outside, even - especially - in colder weather,” she said. “Not only are students getting gross motor skills and social skills practice, but they are also learning to independently dress themselves in snow clothes to play outside. This is huge! Plus, they need to get some energy out. They are, after all, five- and six- year-olds!”
To join the fun, the class welcomes help from Mrs. Amerine’s parents. Each week, they pack their snow gear so they can participate. Also, because dressing for the weather is extremely important, her parents and staff members have donated additional items for those times when a child might forget something.
“This is often the highlight of our week,” said Mrs. Amerine.
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 Out in the snow, three boys are bundled up smiling to camera while classmates are sledding in background.