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Mr. Sutton is an Outstanding Staff Member

Mr. Brian Sutton, assistant principal for grades 5 and 6 at Batavia Middle School, was presented with an Outstanding Staff Member Award by Board of Education president Patrick Burk at the BCSD Board meeting on June 4. He was nominated by BMS principal Ashley Grillo, who wrote, “Mr. Brian Sutton is an outstanding assistant principal at Batavia Middle School. Since Mr. Sutton's arrival, he has worked hard to make connections with students and their families. His efforts have resulted in significant improvements in disciplinary outcomes for students in grades 5 and 6. Mr. Sutton prides himself in taking a proactive approach to student accountability and uses restorative practices to turn student issues into learning moments. Mr. Sutton always has a student's best interest in mind and works with families to see that needs are met. He also makes a point to be an active participant in the instructional setting. He is often in classrooms working with teachers to deliver lessons or as part of their celebrations. Mr. Sutton oversees the before and after school enrichment program called Academy for Success. Through his leadership in working with a team of teachers, the program has been revamped to target specific academic needs. This has led to improvements in the number of students passing academic classes. Mr. Sutton is also an active participant in monthly data meetings and will assist teachers to develop instructional groups and lessons based on benchmarks.”

Mr. Sutton and Mr. Burk