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JK's Special Agents of Kindness

JK students were enlisted as special agents of kindness this week for Operation Kindness. To inspire the helpfulness of the JK recruits, this letter was read in each class at the start of the week:


Dear Secret Agents,

            We need your help with a top secret kindness mission. As you may already know, spreading kindness makes our school a better place to be. When you spread kindness, it helps other people want to spread kindness too. Each classroom will be challenged to complete a different mission each day to participate in Operation Kindness.


  1. You will be sent a new mission in a top secret envelope each day. Complete the mission by the end of the day.
  2. At the end of the day, write up a mission report to tell us how you participated in Operation Kindness.
  3. Place your mission report in your envelope. Someone in your class will bring them to the office for us to review.
  4. Be ready for your new mission each day. If you are up for the challenge and provide concrete evidence, your hard work will be rewarded!

Don’t blow your cover! Good luck agents!


JK’s Kindness Team


The agents were initiated with a lesson on and discussion about compassion before embarking on their first mission. Day one’s assignment was to show kindness to someone in the class. Then, for each day that followed, a new mission was delivered: showing kindness to one of their teachers, in the cafeteria, in the hallway, and during specials. Delivered along with each daily assignment were clues as to how the tasks could be carried out – such as giving a compliment, cleaning up another’s mess, remembering to say please and thank you, and listening respectfully. At the end of each day, the agents filled in a report on what they had done to fulfill that day’s mission. Operation Kindness concluded with a peace circle so that agents could review the week, share their feelings about performing kind acts as well as being the recipient of kind gestures, brainstorm ways to continue to show kindness, and, quite appropriately, close the meeting by giving a compliment to someone in the circle.


The activity was sponsored by the JK committee for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). 


Pictured: (1) One of Alyssa Coles’ third graders holds up a days-end report on her mission. (2) In Mrs. Marsh and Mrs. Bartlett's classroom, students came to the peace circle to discuss Operation Kindness, share their favorite examples of kindness and how happy and proud it made them feel, and close the circle by giving a compliment to the person next to them.


Student holds her end-of-day report   Kids sitting in  peace circle  . Teacher and kids in peace circle