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Third Graders Share Their Problem-Solving Inventions

        If JK third graders have their way, the world will be a little neater, a little more organized, and even a little more compassionate - all with the help of magnets. Their Magnet Invention Convention for parents and schoolmates included innovative ideas for making beds, keeping jewelry organized, picking up loose objects, keeping track of keys… to name just a few of the handy items created by the students. Several others addressed concerns outside of home and school, such as a portable hammock designed for homeless people.


        While all the inventions utilized magnets as well as other common household items, this engaging STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) activity, facilitated by STEAM teacher Melissa Calandra, highlighted the creativity, enthusiasm, and drive of our third graders. Students worked solo or in pairs to brainstorm common problems and possible solutions then, targeting one idea, they designed and built a model of their invention that alleviated the problem.


        In addition to the model, students used their Chromebooks to create a presentation about the invention, the problem it addressed, and an infomercial for selling their product. inventors were eager to share information about their experiences and projects with the parents and schoolmates who were able to attend the convention.

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A magnet-operated light was used to illuminate the inside of a purse.

Two girls holding purse open with light inside


Finding or holding onto keys is easy with gloves that have magnets implanted into the fingers.

Two boys holding gloves with keys attached - held on by magnets.