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Three Months on the Farm!

While students may have had to spend a lot of time indoors and close to home during the school closure, many of JK’s fourth graders were able to take daily visits to the Rebisz Family Farm. Fourth grade teacher Joe Rebisz - with his wife Jocelyn and their six children - opened their homestead to the fourth graders via short videos that described life on their family farm. Each video was tied to a lesson, and topics included such things as incubating chicken and turkey eggs; chores on a farm; caring for and usefulness of animals such as horses, pigs, and goats; composting; gardening; making maple syrup; and recognizing edible wild plants. The lessons included additional informational resources as well as activities and projects from Mr. Rebisz and other fourth grade teachers. Many of the students were very much engaged with this learning experience and Mr. Rebisz said they produced excellent work on the assignments.

There are many things memorable about this year, but for fourth graders, this may be one of the favorite memories.

 In one video, Mr. Rebisz demonstrated how to candle an egg to look for signs of a baby chick inside.

candleing an egg