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Gun Control

Alcohol Regulation




Multiple Sclerosis

Domestic Violence/Custody

Minimum Wage

Free Agency in Sports

Drug Testing

Copyright Laws/Napster

Animal Testing

Poverty and Crime

Bilingual Education


Death Penalty

Drugs/Supplements in Sports

Violence in Streets

Nursing Home Legislation

Affirmative Action

Social Security Reform

Tax Reform




Starting Points-Internet

NEW:  Starter Links-huge list of issues and links plus information about evaluating web resources.


Controversial Issues-Kingwood College Library Online-click for web links including abortion, alcohol advertisements, drinking on campus, electronic copyright laws, embryo research, gangs in America, gun control, Internet censorship, Internet fraud, juvenile justice, medicinal marijuana, school prayer, social security reform, speed limits, and terrorism in America.  Also click for links to automobile air bag controversy, binge drinking, cloning, death penalty, English-official language, food safety, gay marriage, immigration, Internet censorship, Marijuana, medicinal use, privacy and the Internet, school violence, tobacco lawsuits, and violence in the media.


North Harris College Library Online-Controversial topics web sites  click on resource guide by letter range at the top of the page.


O’Keefe Library-Best Information on the Net-Hot paper topics; link to affirmative action, English only and language issues, death penalty, media issues, gun control, health care reform and many more.  Be sure to check Article Files and Indexes to Hot Topics.  Looks very promising.


National Issues Forums-many categories to choose from including children and family; civil rights; energy and environment; government and politics; health; economic issues; international and foreign policy; the link takes you to discussion guides that you can download and print; may also be able to participate in a forum via e-mail from home


Controversial Issues-choose from steroids, assisted suicide, women at the Citadel, and more.


News and Issues-About network-links to many topics


Public Agenda Online-headline news and special reports; links for issues including environment, immigration, crime, the economy, right to die, and medical research.


National Center for Policy Analysis-policy issues such as crime, economy, environment, education, terrorism, and many more.


Daryl Cagle’s Professional Cartoonists Index-great resource for political cartoons; you may find many relevant to your public policy issue.  A cartoon would also be a great intro to the presentation portion of the project.


Jericho High School Public Policy Topics-links to many public policy resources


Human Rights Watch

Global issues


Amnesty International

Links regarding human rights issues worldwide.


Justice Learning

From NPR and New York Times Learning Network; several controversial issues including affirmative action, civil rights in wartime, the death penalty, and gun control.


Foreign Policy Association

Resource library; choose a topic and/or region for information, usually a pdf download


This Nation

Great resource for news and current events; also a link to Issues; scroll down to see Processes-public opinion; and Public Policy.  Social policy examines Social Security; Economic policy provides information and research helps for monetary and fiscal policy plus some “hot topics.”


Yahoo News Full Coverage-scroll down to All US Full Coverage; many links to issues including abortion, affirmative action, assisted suicide, homelessness, hate crimes, gun control, racial profiling and many, many more.


Other general news sites that may be helpful:  this is the internet public library; click on newspapers to access global newspapers, major papers such as the New York Times and Washington Post may be helpful; click on teen and issues and conflicts for more great information; has general resources and subsections including abuse; advice and counseling; family; gangs; law; and homelessness.  every political issue you can imagine; updated for 2004 and policy links source for magazine and journal articles



Health Sites that may be helpful:

Health Central

Search the site for information, links, columns, ask Dr. Dean Edell; may find statistical information, current news in health, and legislation related to health issues, including approval of RU-486.


Dr. Koop Online



Citation Generator-creates MLA and APA citations; copy and paste the MLA to your document.


Specific Issues

Violence in the Media/School Violence


Violence Policy Center


National Television Violence Study


Community Learning Network-Violence in the Media Theme Page-numerous links to other sites on this theme


Children and Violence in the Media


Gun Control


Legal Education Network


US Government Information-from the About Network


Alcohol Regulation

Links to the World-Alcohol and Drugs-a multitude of links to alcohol and drug links including national agencies


Link to statistics and Driven Magazine; click on an issue to view contents and a summary of the article.  One issue features information about sobriety checkpoints.  May find something helpful browsing this site.


California's Drunk Driving Law Center

A resource for DUI / DWI laws, lawyers, courts and police procedures, presented by the nationally recognized "Dean of DUI Attorneys", Lawrence Taylor.  Includes FAQ and Driver’s guide to DWI.


Alcohol Problems and Solutions Site

Links to the problem, facts and solutions about drunk driving.



The RU-486 Files

links to articles and news clippings, related resources, and web links


RU-486-The Pill, The Process, the Problems

A multitude of links


Immunizations and Autism


Center for Disease Control

Go to Vaccine Safety


Dr. Dean Edell; Closing The Book On The Vaccine/Autism Myth, May 08, 2000

Parental questions about vaccines and autism; safety of vaccines.


The Immunization/Vaccination Controversy, August 15, 2000

Includes an article and many links for further information.


Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

US FDA site; has some links to articles and the web that may be helpful


Multiple Sclerosis

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Link to information about MS and current news


Domestic Violence and Custodial Issues


Harvard Law School

Philip C. Crosby, Case Comment, Custody of Vaughan: Emphasizing the Importance of Domestic Violence in Child Custody Cases, 77 B.U. L. Rev. 483 (1997).


Violence Against Women Online Resources

Child Custody and Visitation Decisions in Domestic Violence Cases:
Legal Trends, Research Findings, and Recommendations


The Missouri Bar

Missouri's Parenting Plan: Is It In The Best Interests of Domestic Violence Victims?


Minimum Wage-note news article dates

National Center for Policy Awareness

Raising the minimum wage is good for politics but not necessarily people; some statistical information.


The Post (Ohio)

Raising Minimum Wage Could Increase Poverty


Organization for Community Networks

Text of radio address 9/2/00 by Clinton on minimum wage issue


Arbitration/Free Agency in Professional Sports

USA Weekend special report-rookies are younger, richer and ruder than ever…


Kansas State Collegian

An article written by a college student defending player salaries.


Drug Testing:  Should Students be Tested?

High School Student Drug Testing

Includes hot links to web sites that may be helpful.


American Civil Liberties Union

ACLU Brings First Federal Challenge to Drug Testing of Students in Academic Courses



Position on School Drug Testing


Copyright Laws in the Music Industry:

Recording Industry Association of America

Try copyright basics and music and the Internet.


ABC news article about shut down of napster based upon copyright infringement.


Limp Bizkit Rocks the Boat, Embraces Controversial Net Firm; includes links to related stories from ABC news.


Animal Testing-Is it Right?

All for Animals

Do you need information on animal testing and animal rights for a school project? Includes some links to follow.


Poverty and Crime in the US

Census Bureau

From US census bureau; a multitude of links that may be helpful


National Center for Children in Poverty

A multitude of links that may be helpful.


USA Today

Government can’t cure poverty.


American Journal of Economics and Sociology

State and county incarceration rates: the direct and indirect effects of race and income inequality.


Insight on the News

Communities and Cops Join Forces.(effectiveness of community policing).


Bilingual Curriculum

English First

Article about proposition 227 to end bilingual education in California

Insight on the News

Washington's Nod to Bilingual-Ed Will Handicap More Hispanic Pupils.(Brief Article)


Hispanic Times Magazine

'English only', vast differences cited on east and west coasts.


The Bilingual Families Web Page

Check contents for definitions, myths and politics of bilingualism,  problems of bilingual families, and resources.


Education Week

Bilingual education; links to additional articles pro and con on bilingual education; links to web sites also.


Terrorism in the US

ABC News Special Report on Terrorism


Testimony of Clark L. Staten, Executive Director and Senior Analyst,
Emergency Response & Research Institute, Chicago, IL

Before the Subcommittee on Technology, Terrorism and Government Information,
U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee

February 24, 1998

"Foreign Terrorism in the United States: Five Years After the World Trade Center" (1st attack)


FBI Library of Terrorism in the United States-click on a year for a detailed report loaded in adobe acrobat format.


Death Penalty

National Catholic Reporter:  Executions continue: so does debate. (death penalty in the US)



Karla Tucker's legacy: the death penalty debate takes a turn.


Ethics-Punishment and the Death Penalty

Link to web sites, legislative sites, PowerPoint presentations, court decisions and statistical resources.


Capital Punishment: Facts and Arguments

The questions of fact concerning capital punishment fall into three general areas: does capital punishment save money, freeing social resources for better purposes than warehousing and feeding murders, or does it actually cost more, consuming resources that could go into preventing crime? Does capital punishment strike fear into offenders, saving innocent lives by deterring would-be killers? And, finally, the courts make mistakes; what does capital punishment mean to an innocent person wrongly accused?


Drug Enhancements and Athletes

New Statesman

Drugs and Darwin fuel athletes. (performance-enhancing drug usage in sports)


Insight on the News

Despite Sensitive Testing, Athletes Still Dope to Win.


American Family Physician

Cocaine Abuse Among Athletes.


Better Nutrition

Androstenedione: home run or hype?



Supplements & Steroids: BODY WARS!(Brief Article)


Better Nutrition

Creatine -- just the FAQs, ma'am.


Violence in the Streets-What should be done?


Street gangs move to 'burbs.(Nation: Fighting Crime)


Street Soldiers

Click on links for information about programs to keep kids off of the streets.


Nursing Home Legislation

Virtual Healthcare Financial Management

Federal government increases oversight of nursing homes.


Affirmative Action

New Statesman

Still haunted by the ghosts of slavery.(affirmative action)


Affirmative Action Information Center

Includes additional Internet links.


National Center for Policy Analysis-multitude of links including effects of affirmative action


Social Security Reform


Many links relevant to the issues of Social Security reform


Social Security History and Reform

Links for the history, suggestions for reform and legislative records.


Tax Reform

Free Market

Spotlight on tax reform; links to articles examining many of the pertinent issues involved in taxes and tax reform


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