Nutritional Services

Batavia School Nutritional Services is committed to providing well-balanced meals efficiently and effectively while

promoting healthy lifestyle choices in addition to supporting a nurturing environment.

When a child has access to good nutrition, it empowers students to grow in body and mind.

By supporting each building administration's goals to serve students and staff professionally, we hope to support

excellence in nutrition promoting lifelong health and wellness.

Susan Presher, Manager

585-343-2480 Ext. 1007

Batavia High School
Jacqueline Ball, Cook Mgr.
585-343-2480 ext. 2009

John Kennedy School
Brenda Wright, Cook Mgr.
585-343-2480 ext. 5005

Batavia Middle School
Mary Heale, Cook Mgr.
585-343-2480 ext. 3007

Jackson School
Penny DiFillippo, Sr. Food Service Helper
585-343-2480 ext. 4005

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