Transportation - Information and Forms

The Batavia City School District wishes to provide the safest and best transportation for school children who meet eligibility requirements. Upon the presentation of a written request by parents, (see 'Transportation Request Form' below) transportation shall be provided for children attending public, parochial or private schools.

Children attending private/parochial schools must have their request for transportation in to the Transportation Office by April 1st for the following school year. Transportation is provided up to 15 miles outside the district.

To ensure the success of this endeavor, please use the documents below for information about eligibility, rules and regulations, and other relevant forms and information. All transportation request/change forms are to be returned directly to the school for initial processing.  The school will then review the form, complete what is needed and send to STA for processing.  Forms can be returned to any main office or the Business Office which is located in the administrative wing at Batavia High School.  The fax number for the Administrative Offices is 585-344-8204

In order to maximize efficiency and to take advantage of some cost savings measures, Batavia City School District has made a change in our procedures and has fully outsourced the transportation services directly to the bus contractors. All calls regarding any problems or concerns with bus times, bus routes, bus driver issues, bus pick ups or bus drop offs should be made as follows:

Student Transportation of America (STA):  (585) 250-4034

Attica Bus Service:                                (585) 591-2107

For additional information, please contact the Business Office: 

(585) 343-2480, ext.1002          Monday-Friday  8 am to 4 pm

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