Officer Stevens holding Blue Devil Face with caption, Can't Mask the Batavia Pride!

In a video message to the school community, Officer Miah Stevens of the City of Batavia Police Department noted that this is a tough year and that she is really proud of how well the students, staff, and families are handling it. To see the video, click on this link:   

Can't Mask the Batavia Pride/Officer Stevens

 Thank you, Officer Stevens!

(In response to the extensive re-orienting for students, staff, and families that has been required to re-open our schools, community members have stepped forward with a reminder that there is something that has not changed and cannot be “masked” – the pride of and in Batavia!  If you would like to participate in the “Can’t Mask the Batavia Pride!” campaign with a photo or video to share your positive message, please contact Kathie Scott, the District public relations/news coordinator, at All contributions are being shared on the District's Facebook page,, and Twitter account, @BataviaCSD_News)

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