Monster Art

One of our most exciting projects every year in the Batavia Art Department, is our annual Monster Swap Project. This project requires every school within our district to participate and collaborate, creating a unique experience students look forward to every year.

The project starts at Jackson Primary School with our 1st graders. After reading “The Color Monster” with Mrs. Kolb, the students brainstorm and draw a monster of their own. This year, students were asked to specifically create a monster expressing an emotion, and writing that emotion as a thought or speech bubble for their monster.

Art students from John Kennedy, the Middle School, and the High School, then choose a 1st grade monster to reimagine in their own artistic voice. Students complete this task in a variety of materials, but the goal is the same: to create a similar big brother / big sister monster to the first grader, and to respond to the emotion of the monster with a coping mechanism for the particular emotion being portrayed.

We hope you enjoy this year's 8th Annual Monster Swap…