Superintendent’s Update: Friday, March 25, 2022

Dear Batavia Families and Community,

For the first time since I started sending these updates, I am pleased to say that I have no new COVID updates. We continue to update our COVID case numbers on, and I’m happy to say we’ve had very few cases to report. We still have plenty of COVID tests available, and if you need one, please contact us at 585-343-2480, ext. 1004 (Community Schools).

For this update, I will spend some time briefly discussing our budget process and our Board of Education. 

Our District and Board of Education are currently engaged in budget development for the 2022-23 school year—one of the most important jobs for our Board of Education. To date, we’ve had one budget presentation and one budget workshop. The Board will adopt the budget in April for voter review and approval in May. 

Additional budget details will be provided over the next month, but I often equate the budget to the old playground toy some of us may remember from our childhood: the teeter-totter. A successful budget balances instructional and program needs and requirements, community expectations, opportunities for children while being fiscally responsible and good financial stewards of our community. Ideally, the budget strikes a balance between all these factors: just like when we were children, we would try to balance the teeter-totter just perfectly. 

Speaking of our Board of Education, they and I recently engaged in our own professional development via a Saturday morning retreat on March 12. We spent time developing our team, case scenarios, and reviewed the roles and responsibilities of Board members. 

I have worked collaboratively with Boards of Education for over ten years, and a question that often comes up is “What do School Board members do?” Essentially, they have three responsibilities:

  • Appoint and evaluate the Superintendent of Schools. I am the only employee of the Board—all other employees of the district report either to myself or my designees, aka building principals, administrators, etc.

  • Develop and implement policies that support District goals. Our updated goals for the upcoming school year will be developed at our next retreat.

  • Serve as financial stewards for our District, which includes budget adoption.

If you wish to delve further into the roles of our Board members, I have included some links to our current policies:

Board policies

I am most pleased, however, to share that our Board is committed to these roles and ensuring their own professional growth (just as we expect of all our staff, including me). Please join me in thanking them for their dedication and commitment to volunteering their service to our children and our community.

Let’s move on to some District news and highlights:

  • Bravo to the BHS cast and crew of Mamma Mia! on a wonderful production this past weekend!


  • We have resumed our Strategic Planning process and are on target for a late spring review and presentation to our Board of Education.

  • Capital project planning is well underway, and I am meeting with each of our principals and our architect design team over the next couple of weeks to determine building needs.

  • Bravo to our Rock Band on a great concert last night!

  • Batavia Middle School celebrated Kindness Tuesday this past week.


  • John Kennedy families are invited to Family Math and Movement Night on April 6, from 6:30-7:30—sounds like a great time for all!

  • Students at Jackson Primary continue to learn about women of distinction as part of Womens’ History Month. Each of our buildings are celebrating throughout March!

Finally, on Friday, April 8, we will be holding a required “Emergency Go Home Drill,” where we’ll send all students home 15 minutes earlier than normal. This is designed to test our response system in the event of an actual emergency. Additional details will be sent and shared in the next couple of weeks.

I hope you continue to enjoy some spring weather, and I look forward to our spring athletics contests beginning soon!

And keep an eye on your mailboxes this weekend—our printed BCSDnews newsletter will be arriving in this week’s issue of the Pennysaver.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Jason A. Smith

Superintendent of Schools

343-2480, ext 1000

Twitter: @jasonjasmith