Batavia Logo | News: BCSD Releases Strategic Plan

In January 2021, the Batavia City School District resumed the process of developing a new districtwide Strategic Plan—a curriculum and instructional roadmap aimed at achieving educational goals for BCSD students. 

Together over 18 months and three key phases, our BCSD administration and more than 100 teachers, staff, parents, students, and community members collaborated to create a Strategic Plan. The Board of Education has approved the implementation of the plan throughout the district, starting with the upcoming 2022 school year. 

While BCSD developed this plan to cover a five-year period from 2022-2027, we will continue to review and refine the plan to allow us to achieve success for years to come.

“Even though a districtwide Strategic Plan is not mandated by the state, it is a recommended best practice for any school district,” said Dr. Molly Corey, BCSD Director of Curriculum and Instruction. “Our intention is to bring parents, community members, students, and staff together to plan and prioritize student success in every classroom.”

“We’re still evaluating and discovering the depths of learning loss our students experienced due to the pandemic,” said Dr. Corey. “A Strategic Plan like this will be a beacon grounding us during uncertain times, and it will allow us to comprehensively think, discuss, and prioritize the needs of our students.” 

“Just starting with BCSD in January of this year, I came in at the tail-end of the Strategic Planning process, but I’ve been thrilled at the work Dr. Corey, and all of our stakeholders have done in preparing this guide,” said Superintendent Jason Smith. “It shows a solid understanding of our students’ diverse needs and will certainly set every child up for success going forward.” 

“The Board of Education has been actively discussing learning loss with the administration since the height of the pandemic,” said Board of Education President John Marucci. “Dr. Corey and her team have been well ahead of the curve, starting this Strategic Planning process back in 2019. We’re confident that they’re addressing the concerns that parents have expressed and will continue to evaluate their systems going forward to ensure BCSD continues to strive for academic excellence in every grade and every classroom.” 

The complete Strategic Plan can be found on the Batavia City School District website here

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