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Vision: Build a better Batavia by promoting equitable learning opportunities, cultivating healthier families, and establishing a stronger community.

Mission: Unite our Batavia community and schools through shared resources, working partnerships, and open, collaborative communication.

Contact: Julia M. Rogers, Coordinator, 585-343-2480 ext. 1004,

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We collaborated closely with our Community Partners to compile a diverse collection of resources designed to provide valuable assistance and guidance for mental/emotional, social, and physical health. To access these invaluable resources, simply click the following link. We're here to empower everyone on their journey to better health and well-being.

Community Schools Heart of Kindness Center: We have clothing, hygiene, household and food items. Contact Jessica Jouget at or 585-343-2480 ext. 6126 or Julia Rogers at 585-343-2480 ext 1004 for an appointment.




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